Dusting this thing off.

So, we’ve taken on a new title and a new look here on the ol’ blog.  Don’t fret, I am still a mess, and this is still my blog about it, but I have chosen to change the name for a number of reasons.  Mostly because that title was silly (well, this one is as well) and I couldn’t think of anything better, so I gave up.  But also, because under that name, this blog was very much about the ins and outs of my single life.  While I am still technically single in terms of marriage, I am (and have been) in a relationship.  Some poor fella finally took the bait, you guys.  I like him a little bit.  It’s kinda gross.

As I suspected, life and it’s purpose did not magically come to fruition when I started dating Chad.  Previously, it was always my goal to give you something funny (always at my own expense) to read, and an opportunity to get to know me on a more personal level.  That goal remains the same.  I love writing, it is the most honest and expressive I can ever be, and that isn’t something I should take for granted.  I realize that I go MONTHS between posts, and I always say that I hope to change that, but I really do.  My intentions are always good.  Anyway, so no, the clouds did not part and a scroll did not float from Heaven revealing life’s true meaning now that I am in a relationship.  I knew myself before this, I was confident in the person I was, in my choices, in my faith, in my life.  A man didn’t validate any of that, because it wasn’t necessary.  That being said, he is really awesome and I am ridiculously excited about our relationship and where it is right now.  It’s a whole lot fun.  Spoiler alert:  I’m still not romantic, I’m still not good at feelings, and I am actually worse at being in a relationship than I thought I would be, so I really have no idea if he thinks it is ‘a whole lot of fun’.  I can be a real turd, man.  But, I’m working on it.

The last 6 months have been some of the most challenging of my life in terms of learning, growing up, and facing myself.  A few days before I turned 27, I moved out of my Mama’s house for the first time.  Sure, I’d gone to college, but I came home every single weekend, even when I lived in a townhouse with several good friends.  Also, I had never lived completely alone, being the only person responsible for rent, food, utilities, gas, car payment, you know, being completely self sufficient.  It was terrifying.  The Saturday I left Mom’s, I cried semi-hysterically for the duration of my 30 minute drive to my new apartment.  See, I’ve been all but surgically attached to my Mother since birth, and the thought of not living with her destroyed me emotionally, but I knew it was something good and something I needed.  Now, almost 4 months later, I have this really cute one bedroom apartment, and I love living alone.  I miss my Mommy, you guys.  I can’t even lie.  I miss my brother (I haven’t lived with my sister for almost 18 years, but I love you, Andi!).  There’s something to be said of having something of your own and all of your own space.  It’s really nice.  Plus, texting allows me to check in and talk to them every single day.  So, that’s pretty awesome.

Needless to say, a lot happened since your last visit here. Here’s a quick rundown; The day that I wrote my last blog about how I would never change for anyone to make them want to be with me, Chad asked me on a date.  We went out for the first time after knowing each other for nearly a year, and it was the kind of first date that you leave knowing there will be a second, and a third, and fourth, and eventually you’ll lose count.  I lost count.  I became a Kentucky Basketball season ticket holder (SO AWESOME!!).  I moved out and into my own apartment and turned 27 five days later.  I started cooking!  I didn’t suck at it.  I went on a great trip.  Thanksgiving and Christmas.  A New Year.  I adopted a little sister for Sophie named Sadie.  I finally watched Back To The Future (I and II, at least).  Alex Poythress became a monster!  I spent a lot of time with my Grandmother and I’m incredibly grateful for that.  A million and one things happened since July 24, 2013.  A whole lot of good things, very little downright bad, and some difficult things.

So, here I am, asking you to have me back.  Scan my words, crack a smile, and keep reading.  I’ve spent a lot of time going through blogs that I really like and it is my goal to remain inspired to share my thoughts and life with you.

You know, so says me.  I’m sure my next blog will be written June 7, 2014 and the first line will be, “Lolz sorry I haven’t written anything in so long….” because me.