There’s a level of pain that human beings should not have to endure.  Death, I know, is a certain part of life and giving up loved ones is something everyone goes through at some point.  But, giving up a child, a sweet innocent child, is something I can’t wrap my head around.  When I hear of the death of a child it’s typically far away, in a family that I may know in passing but never one that’s incredibly close to me.  That changed on Saturday, April 4.

I barely remember my life before the Preston/McCarty family were actively in it.  I was 8 years old when my sister started dating Guthrey, and man, I loved him but he drove me nuts.  I’ve never been the best with male authority figures, and he has always been a mix of big brother and Dad to me.  I love and adore his parents, I’ve watched his nieces and nephews grow up (some of them even call me Aunt Lena), I call his Grandparents Granny and Pap, and I have never been made to feel like I didn’t belong in that family even though I’m just Andi’s sister.  Every person in that family is a straight shooter, what you see is definitely what you get, and there are no better people on this Earth.  I’ve always considered myself very blessed to be included with them.  Longest story short — I consider all of them family and love them dearly.

Even though I haven’t been around Ryan (Guthrey’s niece’s youngest son) a lot, I know what a precious miracle he is.  Born with Heterotaxy Syndrome, Ryan’s heart developed on the right side of his body instead of the left.  Since birth, he has had numerous heart surgeries and pulled through like a champ.  Watching that little life, if even from afar, has been a great joy.  When my sister called me on Saturday morning and gave me the news, I couldn’t believe it.  That little fighter, that sweet little life, had slipped right away leaving his Mother, Father, Grandparents, and hosts of Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins grief stricken and broken.  I know since Ryan had always pulled through and fought, they hoped and prayed they had more time.

Funerals are expensive and when you’re a young couple still trying to get your footing, money doesn’t come easy.  If you can spare it, please considering donating to cover the funeral costs here: and if you can’t, please stop and say a prayer for this family as they put Ryan to rest today.  There is no pain or grief that I have ever heard that touches the sounds of a Mother crying over her 3 year old son.  Please help in any way you can.

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