In the words of the always eloquent Joseph Robinette Biden, today is a Big F’n Deal.  96 years ago today, the 19th amendment was ratified and women were FINALLY given the right to vote in the United States of America.  Less than 100 years ago, man.  Less than 100 years ago, Chad could vote and I could not.  Though I do not personally know any woman who lived through a time that she did not have the right to vote, those women certainly exist.  And, like it or not, those women have the chance to actually vote for a woman for President in November.  America, you big ol lug, come here and let me cuddle you.  Maybe slap you around a little bit, lovingly, and then hug you.  Seriously though, today is AWESOME.

When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with this collection of rare coins that my Granny Rusha had.  One, coincidentally, was a coin with the depiction of Susan B. Anthony.  If you’ve never taken the time to read about Susan B. Anthony, she is certainly worth a Google.  She and Elizabeth Cady Stanton were the OG’s of Women’s Suffrage.  So, for those of y’all following along at home — I’ve pretty much always been this way.  Obsessed with feminists and admiring the women who came before me who did more than I will likely ever do. Granted, I went through a brief period at the end of high school/beginning of college where I took on some different views, I grew out of that and back into what I’ve always been; an outspoken advocate for those without voices, a feminist, and a big ol lovely Democrat.  You like me and you know it.

Anyhow, I take today very seriously.  Since turning 18 in October 2004, I have never missed an election.  Not a primary, not a general, not a special, nary an election.  It doesn’t matter how little the ballot is or how big, I’m going to be there.  The right to vote is so important to me that in 2004, I drove to Morehead on the morning of my Papaw Doc’s wake to vote in the Presidential Election that was held that day.  Doc Nichols would’ve told me to stay at the house if he knew who I voted for, too.  In fact, one of the last conversations we had before he died, he begged me not to vote for George W. Bush.  So, that’s kind of what I’m talking about when I say there was period that I took on some different views.  I also still love the Bush family and I cannot and will not explain to that to you because I can’t.

Women are pretty freaking awesome if you ask me.  Not just because I am one, but because all of the people in my life who are the strongest, smartest, kindest, and all around amazing human beings are mostly women.  There are times that I certainly get down and out about the direction of this country, and specifically the direction of the American electorate, but not today.  So much has happened for the betterment of equality in the last 100 years, and for that I am so grateful.  We still have so much left to do, but for today, let’s celebrate!  Stop missing elections, ladies!  Too many women came before you that put their voices and lives on the line for you to actually have the right to vote!

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