Well, it’s September and I don’t have a drastic ‘before & after’ photo regarding my fitness journey.


Anyone who has ever met me knows that I have a reaaaaaaaaaally hard time with consistency, unless consistency means being inconsistent then I am INCREDIBLY consistent.  I mean, that counts for something, right?

When Chad and I moved into our house 3 years ago, we got a treadmill set up a home gym.  I hate going to a gym.  I flat out wont do it.  The only gym that I will show my face in is my Aunt’s amazing women’s only facility in Paintsville (Spirit Strong Fitness Studio, look it up) — and it really is amazing.  Anything else?  I’m not doing it, and if you hate something that makes the task miserable, and if you’re miserable you aren’t enjoying taking care of yourself (fitness is good, y’all), and if you aren’t enjoying it you’re eating 24 tacos because a taco 12 pack is only $20.  Don’t ask me how I know.

So, anywho, I started doing workouts at home and membership to streaming fitness service and I love it.  But, more on that at a later time.

Back to not having a super drastic before and after for this year — it’s fine.  I’ve figured out that finding a six pack behind the pizza that I truly enjoy (I loooove pizza, do you love pizza? Are you in a relationship with pizza?) wasn’t what this year was about at all.  See, I am really hard on myself.  I was.  Past tense.  I would stand in the mirror and look at my stomach and repeat how disgusting I was and believe it.  I believed it deeply and sometimes I still do if I let myself go to that ugly place.  Over a freaking stomach, you know?  Who in the world cares?  It’s skin, why would I believe it’s so inherently bad to have looser skin there?  Not just that, but I would beat myself up over ‘bad’ choices and shift between counting every gram of everything that went in my mouth to eating without abandon.  There was rarely a happy medium with me because.. you know… I’m me.

The drastic before and after that FINALLY happened to me can’t really be captured in a photograph.  Although, you can see a huge difference in my legs (hellloooooo quad and calf city!), the before and after that’s so amazing has been internal.  I don’t hate myself when I look in a mirror, I don’t even mind my body — it’s totally fine.  It’s better than fine.  It’s strong and it’s soft, I can run and squat and keep up with anyone, but I also enjoy my friends and family because food is typically the centerpiece of any time you spend quality time with people.

I’m not going to stop enjoying food.  I really, really, really do love salads and veggies, but I don’t want to eat that every single meal. So, dine in restaurants are a special time where I get yummy things that I enjoy without going overboard. It sounds incredibly simple, but what if you have 3 dinner engagements in one week?  Well, obviously, don’t get loaded fries and hot wings at all 3 (or do, honey, I am not your boss).  Instead, splurge 1 meal, and then the other 2 can still be incredibly yummy if you play your cards right.

I am all about playing my cards right with food, let me tell ya.

I’ve been wondering how many of y’all reading might be interested in a little group, no strings, no dues, nothing but me just putting some info out and answering questions.  I’m not a registered anything, but I am a registered foodie, work out enthusiast, and pizza topping aficionado and I reckon some of y’all can relate to that, and thus, relate to me. We might even have some fun! I think we will totally have fun.

If you’re interested and scared and worried and apprehensive that someone might judge you, lets sit down and talk, or chat, or text.  The mindset shift has been real this year and also I have a butt so don’t you tell me that dreams don’t come true!

3 things & the one where I get a letter from Jen Hatmaker’s legal team probably

Social media pisses me off.  I’m not writing this as a passive aggressive swipe at this or that or anyone, I’m saying, I get legitimately angry when I read FB and Twitter.  So, in a fit of rage, I deleted both applications from my phone (I guess it was last Wednesday sometime?) and you know what?  I’ve been zen af (hahahahahah), I’ve done yoga, I’ve read books, I’ve eaten half a container of Halo Top vegansoydairyfree (omg, do you crossfit?) ice cream, and I’ve actually WATCHED the news.  Like at 6:30pm with Lester Holt watched the news.   I downloaded SmartNews and I still get updates and I am informed WITHOUT CONSTANTLY BEING ANGRY!  I’m kidding, I’m still super mad because I can’t imagine how you aren’t at this point, but YEAH.  NO APPS.  Idk why I’m yelling.  But, I’m totally yelling.

I’m not telling you that you need a social media cleanse or that you need to put down your phone, I’m just saying that I need and needed to chill out a little bit because it was stealing my joy.  And also stealing my sleep, I was absently scrolling for like an hour before bed and why?  I’m too old for things to steal my joy.  I can still be informed and vocal about injustices, etc., and NEVER READ THE COMMENT SECTION EVER.  Don’t click expand.  Don’t do it.  People are terrible and will make you sad.  Take my advice.  You’ll be happier.  I will still get serious with you about any number of issues, I just maybe don’t have these apps on my phone for my mental health at the moment and that is fine, dude.

Anyway, so I’ve missed a bunch of stuff being posted and my life went on and that’s incredible.  I will hop on when I have a hot second on break at work  or when I’m drinking my coffee in the morning and skim and scan and then I’m like ‘love you, bye’ in my best Brenda K voice. I’ve started reading a book every time I think about picking up my phone and it’s not classic literature because I think I read on a 5th grade level now and I have to retrain myself to pay attention to anything that is longer than a few sentences.  That was a horrible sentence and I am leaving it, y’all.  Like I said — retraining.  Also, I shattered the bottom right corner of my phone screen a couple weeks ago and I took it as a sign from above that I need to do literally anything else with my life.  I’m serious.  Jesus, be a fence.

In light of all of that hullabaloo up there, let’s go over the three things I am doing right now to ensure my joy and to try and help myself be a better adult and human.  I’m so bad at adulting.  Notoriously bad.  It’s embarrassing.

  1. Waking up before 7:10am on work days.  I live less than one mile from my job because I am blessed and highly favored.  Great, but I can’t get out of bed until the last possible second, I show up to work with no makeup on (which is not bad in and of itself, but I like makeup), wrinkled clothes, and yawning because I literally just woke up.  Guys, I’ve been working the same job for 10 years, you would think I would have getting to work (and actually being prepared for it) by 7:30am mastered.  Not so.  I’m trying to get a cup of coffee in, stare outside at the brightness, splash my face with cold water, and repeatedly tell myself, “You can do hard things” as I try to get out of bed at 6:00am.  6:30am. 6:36am because snooze.   I think I’ve made it to work with makeup on every single day this week, so I am obviously killing number 1.
  2. Reading more.  Books, magazines, Readers Digest, short stories, news papers, nutrition labels, anything that is not my iPhone.  Right now, I’m reading Of Mess and Moxie by my queen Jen Hatmaker and I fully expect to receive a cease and desist order from her publicist if she ever read my blog (OHMYGOSHIWOULDDIE) because she is totally my writing voice inspiration.  I just love you, Jen.  Please be my friend.
  3. Working out.  I know a lot of folks blow this one off and I get that, but I am not lying when I say that I am a better person when I move consistently.  I’m not out here dead lifting 300lbs or squatting my body weight, but I move and I get sweaty and it helps my attitude.  Sometimes I just do yoga.  Sometimes I do plyo or run my guts out.  It’s whatever mood I am in at the moment.  I need to focus on a specific program, probably, but the fact that I am jiggling at least 4 days a week is the best I can offer you and it ain’t bad.  Endorphins and stuff.  And to be clear, I came home and took a nap today.

So, this was supposed to be a list of five things but I can’t think of two more that aren’t obvious choices to better your life like sleeping more, petting tons of cats, and eating whole foods like baby spinach, and egg whites.  Oh, and also Doritos.  Maybe five was going to wear out my welcome and turn into a huge tl;dr block of text which I am not about. Get some quality sleep and eat something green for the love of God!  Maybe that should be the title of my memoir?

I still scroll the book of face periodically and since I started writing this blog I have caught a few things that made me start to write a comment and then I decided that Sarah Sanders wasn’t worth it.  But, what I’m saying is, the screen time is significantly less.  I have seriously almost finished a book in a few days and I didn’t even know I could still read, guys.  So, whatever I’ve started, it’s working and I’m here for it in the least pretentious and preachy way possible.  More reading, more writing (no matter how bad it is…. sorry), more quiet time, more face time with folks I love (Sophie), and more sleep.  Also, more Doritos.

Okay.  Maybe not Doritos.  😦

Anyway, what are y’all doing to relax, unwind, and enjoy life??  How do you self-care?


I talk to God about you and I ask Him what you’re doing.  I hope He hears me. I hope you do, too.

I imagine you walking through fields of flowers, flowers I’ve never seen, but I try to cling to the colors of what might be.  I wonder if your hair is still red, do you still have freckles, and if your hazel brown eyes are still the same. I hope I would recognize you if I saw you, but I can’t be sure..  You’ve visited me in dreams, just like you were on this Earth, and in those dreams you look the same, but I know you’re different, too.

Is your house beautiful?  Is it a cottage like you dreamed?  Are Sawyer and Sally there? How close do you live to Mamaw and Papaw?  Granny and Papaw? I have so many questions, six months worth of what ifs and what could I have done differently and every variant thereof.  I sleep under a blanket of your pictures and it was supposed to just be for a while, but now it’s comforting. Sometimes I lay my face against your picture and cry.  Sometimes I just whisper, “Oh, Mommy” and sometimes, I don’t say anything at all.

I think Heaven is real and you are there.  I think about it a lot. I think about what it would be like to hug you again and feel you embrace me with both arms wrapped around me.  I want to ask what it’s like to have full use of that left arm, to feel no nerve pain, to be whole. I never wished for more time or prayed for it.  I just prayed that you wouldn’t suffer because I knew I could handle thinking about what you have gained easier than I could watching you deteriorate.  I told you that in 2016. I said, “Mommy, I can do this. I can put you on the point [family cemetery]. I can do this life without you before I can watch you suffer on this Earth” and we both teared up, eyes big, staring at each other.  Your eyes told me you didn’t want to leave me as much as I never wanted you to.

I wish for more time now.  I have a lot of trouble with the last two and a half months of your life and coming to terms with not seeing you enough.  We talked everyday, but I didn’t visit enough and I didn’t change my routine. I remember lamenting over not wanting you to feel like I thought you were dying.  I can’t explain it; I knew you were dying, but I didn’t think you really would, which I realize sounds insane. After you died, 3 books about healing scriptures came in the mail to you.  You ordered them at the beginning of October, so I don’t think you thought you were dying, either. You didn’t plan to leave me here. You didn’t plan to leave on my birthday.

My life is measured in who I was before 10/24/17 and who I am after; Those two people are not the same.  In some ways, I am much better. The kindness and softness you offered people is something I aspire to have and be and something I could never quite reach prior to losing you.  Maybe it’s part of my call to fill that gap, though I will never be as kind and inviting as you, I imagine. I feel like I have aged in dog years in the last 183 days. I feel like it’s been one million years and one day all at the same time.



Everything I have written since October has been some form of a letter to my Mom.  It’s gut-wrenching to read anything I wrote just after her passing and relive that initial loss and pain.  I try to go there as little as possible. I thought I would shift gears in this particular blog and change the voice and stop writing as if I am speaking to her.  I am always speaking to her. I carry her with me in my heart everywhere, but life requires me to be present and I have to keep pressing and pushing myself forward.

I could probably teach a masterclass in loss and grief.  If you’re reading this, you might know me personally or you just follow on social media. You’ve likely watched as my posts veered away from my Mom and back to real life.  Life continued and that is still the craziest thing to me. I had to go on. At some point I realized that moving forward was not forgetting my Mom because of course I could never do that.  Moving forward was healthy, it was living, it was part of the process. The long, never ending, arduous process of grief.

For several months after she passed, time stood still.  I went through the motions of holidays but I don’t remember much about any of those particular days.  On New Year’s Eve, Chad and I went to a friend’s house and I had to heavily self medicate because I was so worried someone would ask me how I was doing.  Spoiler — absolutely awful was the answer. I hardly remember anything about that night other than being in a room full of people I love but feeling like I wasn’t there at all.  I was different, but I knew I had to find my way back to myself.

More often than not, tears sting my eyes at the mention of her name.  When I see pictures of her, I cry and smile at the same time. The joy my Mom brought to my life was unspeakable and everything since her passing has been marked with tangible sadness, but still, we move forward.  She would want it that way. Mom would want her legacy to go on exactly how she lived; full of hope, kindness, and love for people and the Lord. She would want nothing more than for all things concerning her homegoing to be worked together for her children and grandchildren’s good.  She placed her entire life firmly upon that word found in Romans.

I miss my Mom.  Every second of every single day.  I’m not lying when I tell you that a single hour does not pass without her crossing my mind.  I was her clingy child, I held her hand as an adult when we were in public together, I rested my head on her shoulder in church, I was very affectionate with her to the point that I probably annoyed the life out of her.  Never did I truly envision my life without her, without her voice, her laugh, the hilarious faces she would make during conversations, her sometimes too close talking, and how she would bug her eyes out and just peer right at you.  I just didn’t know how this would be. The answer is hard. It’s very hard.

My love for her transcends time and space.  No matter where she is in the universe, she is with me in my heart.  I hold on to that when things get hard, when I feel like I can’t go on without her.  My sweet little Mommy, the most beautiful person I have or will ever know.

another blog about missing my mom volume 3393948394893483


Sometimes I still count days.  Especially on Tuesday.  You went home on a Tuesday, but I don’t have to tell you that.  For some reason, I’ve been replaying it a lot in my head lately.  Those 5 days, the first night showed no indication that we would never bring you home.  When it all first happened, I replayed the days over and over to make sure I never forgot one single detail, but they run together for me now.  As the first night/early morning wore on, it became clearer to me that we were struggling.  I still didn’t think you wouldn’t come home, but I can look back and plainly see the signs, a little over four months removed.

It doesn’t hurt less, but the hurt has evolved into something different, something I can’t quite explain.  I enjoy things again, I’m not always sad, and I laugh a lot.  I know you would love the laughter, because cutting up was all we ever did.  Always out for the HA-HA, right?  Though you tended to be more serious, you know I never let that last very long.  I made you laugh in those 5 days and that was important.  It was good.

There are moments when time freezes and the hands on the clock do not budge.  I relive flashes from those 5 days in ICU and I wonder if something could’ve been done differently.  Did they do everything they could?  Did we make the right choices?  But, they were your choices.  Your wishes.  Until the very last moment, plans were carried out in accordance to what the Lord showed you.  I hope we did okay.  I hope you felt loved and safe and not scared.  I hope Mamaw and Papaw met you and welcomed you.  I love imagining that reunion and all your young faces, both your arms wrapped around your Mom and Dad.  It hurts and gives me joy all at once.

We’re going to have to start packing up the house soon.  I’ve only been twice since you died.  It still hurts too much to see everything in it’s place, just like we left it that night in October.  It hurts too much to see your spot on the couch, empty.  It hurts too much to think of tearing everything apart, piece by piece, and carrying out the last parts that we have of you.  Either way, it all hurts.

I think of you constantly and find you everywhere.  I don’t always cry, but it still happens a lot.  I had an absolutely hysterical story from work to tell you a few weeks ago and when I realized I couldn’t, I cried out in my car, “Oh, Mommy, why aren’t you here?” and I half laughed and half cried.  I’ve been writing this letter for weeks, though.  I wait until I time that I feel really strong, and in less than 60 seconds, I’m crying again.  Shoot, I’m crying right now.  I am so broken and lost without your guidance and love.

Spring is almost here, thankfully.  Only a few more weeks and the longest winter will finally be over.  I have never felt cold, darkness, and sadness like these last four months.  I have never felt emotional pain manifest to physical pain with such force.  I never lied to myself about what was happening with you, but I’ll always say I truly thought we had a few good months left.  I expected you to go in 2018.  But, here we are in the spring of a new chapter, your favorite time of year, so it’s only right we find a way to keep moving forward.  I know you want all of us to be happy.

I’ll never be able to give words to how much I miss you.  I could write for pages and it wouldn’t be enough.  I dream of you often, even if I don’t remember it, but I can always remember your face.  I picture you in Heaven a lot, surrounded by flowers and birds, whole and complete.  You were my sunshine, warm and inviting, happy and light, and I struggle to find that now.  I’m softer than I was prior to October 24th.  I don’t feel the brush of anger as quickly and I process and understand events and people differently.

People say nothing is the same after you lose your Mother, and that’s true.  Life has gone on, but your absence is as broad as the sky and grief can be so unspeakably deep.  I wade through the swift water, constantly fighting against the current, praying that I don’t drown.  Moments in that hospital room haunt me, your eyes searching and pleading, the time you just started at us and I knew you were soaking it all in.  You were ready to see Jesus, but you were as heartbroken about leaving us as we were about losing you.  There will always be an empty part of me that can never be explained or described.  I’ve learned to live with that space and accept that nothing fills the exact shape of you.  Honestly?  I wouldn’t want it to.

I love you, Mommy. Every minute of every day.

grace not perfection

Oh, 2017.

It’s the time of year for posts and blogs that reflect on the last three hundred and sixty-five days.  I remember January 1, 2017.  I’d just come off Christmas with both my parents, my Mom finished radiation treatments, and I was suuuuper motivated.  Suuuuuper selfie taking, look at my progress pics in my sports bra motivated.  Suuuuuper.

It was going to be my year.  I was going to get in the best shape of my life.  I had goals to end negative self-talk, to journal more, to read my Bible more, to spend less time on devices and social media.  I was doing the thing.  All of the things.

I could make a list of the things that happened that derailed me, that put me on a different path, the things I chose to prioritize or that I was forced to prioritize.  I could make that list, but honestly, everyone has that list.  The thing is, I don’t deal well with change, with tragedy, with things going off course, so when they do, my motivation and drive go with them.  I’m not just talking about exercise and eating right, but I’m talking about living a decent life.

To put it harshly, I beg for excuses to not finish every single thing I start.  I have very little work ethic.   I figure the only way to overcome this issue is to own it, acknowledge it, and make the effort to move forward and change.  One phrase I vow to throw away in 2018 is “It’s just how I am” – because there is no bigger cop out or excuse.  Unless we’re saying absolutely hilarious is “just how I am” because that’s true and not changing.

Sometime in July I stopped trying to eat healthy and averaged a handful of workouts per month.  I kept trying to get back on the wagon and I would fall right back off and beat myself to death on the way to the ground.  At the beginning of August, we found out Mom’s cancer spread to her liver and kidneys.  All I could think about was enjoying life with her, but with that news came crippling depression.

Depression brought on eating to cope.

Eating to cope brought on weight gain.

Weight gain brought on negative self-talk.

Negative self-talk brought on not being good enough.

Not being good enough brought on giving up.

Giving up brought on depression……….. (do you see the cycle?)

All the while, I’m putting on the brave face and trying to be everything for and to everyone while my Mom was dying.  I’m going to work, I’m going to appointments, I’m trying my best.  After she passed, the cycle continued but then included sleeping for several hours when I got home from work, withdrawing from others (people and activities that I love dearly), and hating myself.  I still do.  I know that the word ‘hate’ is strong, but I’ve never truly liked what I see in the mirror and I hang an insurmountable amount of my self-worth on the number on the scale and the number on the tag in my pants.  I also, just generally speaking, believe I am not enough.  Enough what?  Enough anything.

Exercise and eating right don’t change that.  My attitude changes that.  I don’t hold anyone else to the standards in which I hold myself and I would not ever, under any circumstance, speak to or about another human being the way I speak to myself regarding… well… me.

Small goals, trying harder, not beating myself up, being kinder to myself, positive self-talk, completing a task, these are my promises to me in 2018. 25 pounds heavier than 2014, I’ve figured out that I’m not going to find my self-worth in any number, but my working on what’s inside of me.  I thought I had nipped this demon.  I thought this was over — turns out, I’m not happy at 138 or 164.  That number literally does not matter.

I’m still struggling with depression.  I still miss my Mom every single day.  But, I can’t keep in this direction.  I think the most important part for me is extending myself grace and kindness when I fall off, because I will fall off at times, and not let it derail everything I’m working towards inwardly.  2018 will not be perfect, I wont even say that I hope it’s better than 2017, because I cannot control 2018.

The only thing I can control is me.

So, I’m going to start working on exactly that.

To be absolutely fair to 2017, it was, far and away, the worst year of my 31 years of life.  However, I’m not going to challenge life by saying, “It can’t be worse” because I would hate for 2018 to redeem this dreadful, no good, awful, rude turd of a year.  I can’t change what’s happened and hating myself doesn’t bring my Mom back to me.  Eating until I’m sick doesn’t bring her back, neither does telling myself how ugly and disgusting I am.  In fact, she would beg me to see myself how she saw me.

I don’t know if I will ever get that point, but that’s what 2018 is going to be about for me.  Kindness to myself and to others and finding a healthy relationship with myself, with food, with others.  So, I guess we’ll get to it.

until this winter is over

Last night, I saw you in a dream.

We were in the tiny house on 201, the white cinder block 900 square foot house that I spent the first 13 years of my life.  I was sitting in front of the old white dryer in the bathroom, the one where the clothes basket sat on top and Andi’s makeup lined the left side.  We never had a lot of room, especially not for 4 people.  You were talking, and I could hear you, but you never acknowledged me that I can remember.  You stood in front of the sink, at an angle, facing your tiny mirror that you always used to put on your makeup.  The mirror that had a cling on of Winnie The Pooh because you never cared if I put my interests everywhere. Bekah called Pooh “Pee-ah” and we loved it so much.  We rolled.  Anyway, I was pulling your clothes out of that old dryer, but I knew you were gone.  It was so strange.  I could see you, and I was aware of your presence, but I knew you were gone.  I pulled the shirts out one by one and cried out, ‘Oh, Mommy’ looking at your sweet little clothes.  There were only two shirts, a soft blue crew neck sweatshirt that looked far too old fashioned for you, but it said “Mom” on it.  The other was a far too small Valentine’s Day shirt that also didn’t look like anything you would ever wear.  I cried as I folded the shirts and I kept saying through tears “Mommy. Oh, Mommy…” and even though you were there, you didn’t say anything to me and I didn’t say anything to you.  I woke up in a struggle, covered in sweat, and immediately started crying.

It’s not easy missing you.  I’ve worn everyone out with the stories and with simply exclaiming how much I miss you, and it honestly doesn’t even scratch the surface of the cavernous valley that is my heart without you.  In my mind, I replay conversations and moments as much as I can, as much as humanly possible, and still function day to day.  I see you standing in your every day clothes in the homeplace in front of the kitchen sink, washing out two glasses because Lord, don’t let those dishes sit.  If I close my eyes, your movements are fluid and I can place myself with you, anywhere we have been or could be.  I know what you would say, I know how you would laugh, I know what your hug would feel like.  Better than all of that, I know how your hair would feel against my cheek and exactly how it would smell.  Details like your hair or what your hands looked like are the things I took for granted in this life.  I can remember them now, but I fear the day that they slip away from me or will no longer be as fresh. For now, I enjoy them.  I cry with them.  I find comfort in them.

I remember rolling my eyes at so many things you would say.  One time, we were driving and you noticed an opening in the clouds shaped like a heart.  You always noticed clouds and I never notice clouds.  You said, “Look, God gave us a heart to tell us He loves us.” and I thought, “Yeah, okay Mom…” and I think I probably just giggled or something.  In your absence, things like that stick with me.  Now, I call those instances “Prime Mom” or “Prime Brenda K” because they’re so precious.  I know you weren’t perfect, but your heart was as close to flawless as anyone I believe I will ever know.  The kindness that permeated from you should be imitated and it humbles me now.  I can think of the times you would point at a bird, or talk about the leaves, or how the rays of sun came into the house according to season – all things I never noticed or cared about – and I now see how you found beauty and love in everything, in every instance, and in every creature.  I miss that.  I wish I was more like that.

You were the very best part of my genetics, my only hope at beating the selfish, arrogant, self-centered turd that I can be.  You knew I could be good, and you knew just how good.  You always remembered the soft hearted little girl whose feelings hurt too easily, the one who cried at the end of the book when the kitty cat finally made it home after a long winter, and the one who boo hoo’d all the way home with you every time we left Papaw’s after he died.  I never considered what it would be like to make the drive home from that empty house again.  Honestly, I could write a book of things I never considered.

I wasn’t ready to write this, but I suppose no one ever is.  I thought we had more time.  I stared at you on your 64th birthday and I thought you’d have one more.  I knew there wouldn’t be many, but I thought we had at least one.  We didn’t even make a big deal out of it and I didn’t get one picture of you on that day.  Had I known it was the last birthday I’d ever celebrate with you, well, I guess I would’ve worried you to death.  I’m sure that’s why we never get to know, isn’t it?  Because, I worried you to death anyway.  I know there were things you didn’t say in fear of worrying us.  I probably wore you out, didn’t I?  I just wanted to make sure you were okay.  But, I know you’re okay now.  ‘Okay’ being an understatement, I am sure.

The depression is overwhelming and I know you would hate that.  You knew better than most people how I struggle.  I do the best I can, but there are so many naps.  I’m so exhausted from acting like I am okay, but I think I do an okay job hiding my grief.  I still don’t know how I’m supposed to do any of this.  Working 40 hours a week is the best I can offer, anything beyond that usually gets slept through.  I’m trying, but it’s still unclear to me how I’m supposed to navigate this world without you, so I look for you.  I’ll keep looking, too.  I’ll keep looking until I see you again.

four weeks

I’ve tried to write something beautiful and wordy about grief and what the last four weeks have been like, but I don’t have the words.  I’m out of fancy, I’m out of adjectives, I’m out of anything except brutal honesty; It sucked, it sucks, it has sucked, it will suck, it’s awful, it’s terrible, it’s no good, it’s very bad.  Anyone who tells you ‘time heals’ is apparently not built like me or I am just absolutely horrific at this whole grief thing.  I know, I know, everyone tells me not to be so hard on myself, but I’m just being transparent.

Four weeks ago, on my frigging birthday, my Mom died.  I STILL say it over and over and over to myself. Like, what?  You have to be kidding me, but every single time, it’s still true.

Whatever, I know I wrote this before, but this is how I deal.  I had intentions of keeping a journal, but I don’t know how many times I can write “I miss my Mom” or some variation of that statement.  I REALLY MISS MY MOM, YOU GUYS.  I miss the world that existed before October 24, 2017, the world that included my beautiful Mother and her perfect heart.  I miss her being a text or call away, I miss driving 13 minutes (if I drove too fast) to her house in my house shoes and spending the evening with her every other Friday.  I miss her mashed potatoes, her sweet tea, her salads, her sweet hugs, how she would laugh when Tommy and I would cuss (nothing too bad!) and always say, “I know I shouldn’t laugh, but you’re both so funny!” and shake her head because she gave up on our potty mouths years ago, I miss her praying for Kentucky to “win in the name of Jesus”, and I just miss her existing.  I miss everything about her.

If anything, I’m probably worse than I was at the beginning.  Settling into a life without my Mom is like having my favorite blanket ripped away and burnt in front of me.  Every night, I pray that I will see her when I sleep (I haven’t yet).  Typically, I cry myself to sleep, or cry multiple times a day, but you’d probably never know it.  Sometimes I get caught crying at work and nobody really knows what to say, because what do you say?  There’s no timetable for this stuff, there’s no handbook, there’s no outline, there’s nothing but you trying to figure out how to put one foot in front of the other every single day.  It’s exhausting and sometimes maddening and sometimes just plain sad.  Sometimes, I’m just so sad.

Four weeks in to this new life, and I just feel so dramatic that I annoy myself.  Chad continually assures me that nobody expects me to just pick up and be fine, but my anxiety is like – people are annoyed by you and your sadness, it’s been a month, you should really be doing better than this.  Stupid anxiety.  I have this running joke where I say, “I don’t know if you know this, but I miss my Mom” to Chad and he always says, “I know, honey” because coping mechanisms are weird.  And honestly, that’s just one of my weird things I do, the others are dark and would probably offend everyone reading this.  I’m just weird.  Also, I will absolutely cry when I hug your Mother, just ask both my Mother-in-Laws.  I also cry when I hug my Aunts because they remind me of my Mom.  Listen, let’s be serious, I’m just going to cry.  It doesn’t matter what happens, I’m probably going to cry about it, it’s just what’s happening right now.

Okay, and grief brain (or whatever this is) has to be comparable to pregnancy brain, because I can’t remember anything anymore.  I have an unbelievably good memory, it’s terrifying most of the time, but I can’t tell you anything specific about the last four weeks.  Specificity would require focus and Lord knows I don’t have any of that.  Completing tasks, staying on task, not getting distracted, it’s like an act of congress.  I finally got my house in order on Sunday and it took me all day, granted it was REALLY bad, but it shouldn’t have taken that long at all.  I aimlessly sit and stare at pictures of her, the same ones, over and over, or go through my Facebook and read her comments on anything I ever posted or wrote.

I know my Mom had cancer, I fully recognized that, but I still have not wrapped my head around how COPD and pneumonia formed a super storm and took her in less than a week.  That part was, and still is, so shocking.  She was actually doing pretty well prior to October 18, and stupid me allowed myself to believe that we still had more time.  I thought we’d make it out of this year.  I really thought she would turn 65, and she may not be well when she did, but I thought she would still be here.  I know tomorrow isn’t promised and all of that crap, but I’m so tired of hearing it.  I’m allowed to be shocked that my Mom died when she was just 64.  People live to be older than that with their 90-year-old Mothers.  I never really expected that, but my goodness.

Everyone’s hurt is so blaringly different.  So many of my close friends lost their Mother younger than I am now and I feel like I am taking away from their hurt when I say I feel too young to be without my Mom.  But, I feel too young to be without my Mom.  I’m not angry at God, but I get extremely resentful of other people and I know that’s not a good place.  As soon as I feel it, I work through it, because I am genuinely so happy for anyone who has never had to feel any of this.  You are blessed beyond words, and I don’t use the word blessed very often about anything, really.

God, the universe, whatever, I get it that no one owes me anything. I’m not the first person who has lost their Mother (or a parent), I fully realize that.  So many of you reading this get it, and I’m sorry, I hurt for you.  I hurt so deeply for you.  Maybe I had never lived the full scope of excruciating loss, but I have now, and my empathy meter is off the charts. I ache to my very core thinking about my sister and my brother what I know they feel, I could weep thinking about my Mom’s sisters, it all just absolutely kills me now.  I don’t write anything for anyone to feel sorry for me, I write it because I want you to know if you’re reading this and maybe can’t find the words, you aren’t alone.  Whatever your great loss is, you are not alone.

I really, really, really, really miss my Mom.  Four weeks later.  I miss her more with every single passing day.  But, I wouldn’t bring her back as she was for me.  I love her too much for that.